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Abbey Representative attends the Boree Park (Rhodes Pastoral) Inaugural Open Day – July


24 August 2023

Boree Park held their inaugural Open Day on July 25. The event was supported with a large turnout of sheep producers, consultants, agricultural professionals, and veterinarians in attendance.

Abbey Animal Health Western Australia Business Manager, Josh Sweeny, was one of approximately 90 attendees at the event. Attendees were given the opportunity to closely inspect a range of spectacularly looking White Suffolk rams.

Several speakers gave very informative and well received talks covering topics such as EID tags, sheep and goat traceability, and MLA’s Peta Bradley presented advancements in eating quality traits achieved through ASBV genetic selection.

The attendees were treated to an array of delicious food such as lamb pies, skewers, and sliders…YUM, excellent food all round!

Feedback from attendees was very positive and appreciative, with most commenting on the quality of the information delivered, particularly around important advancements in genetic selection, nutrition, and animal health management now available for sheep enterprises nationwide.

A big thank you to Boree Park for organising and hosting the event.


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