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Exciting News – Di-FLY Extra Spray On is on Regional TV!


25 September 2023

Summer is just around the corner and that means Blowflies will be here soon!

Blowflies (Lucilia Cuprina) are a major sheep health issue during the summer months across Australia’s sheep growing regions!

For the first time, Abbey Animal Health is advertising Di Fly Extra Spray on Blow Fly Treatment on TV in rural areas around Australia. Di Fly Extra Spray On contains 30% more DICYCLANIL than Di Fly original, providing up to 29 weeks of protection of sheep against fly strike caused by DICYCLANIL-susceptible strains of blowflies (Lucilia Cuprina).

Di Fly Extra Spray On is an effective and affordable solution to protecting your sheep from Blowflies. Di Fly Extra Spray On is made in Australia by Australian farmers and is only available from local independent rural retail stores.

The TV campaign will be aired across major regional areas in NSW, Victoria and WA, during spring and early summer months. The campaign has two TVC’s (30sec & 15sec) and feature’s Mick Findlay, General Manager and owner of Abbey Animal Health.

More detailed information about Di Fly Extra Spray On is available on this website. If you need to place an order or would like some of our display material for instore use, please contact your local Abbey Animal Health Sales Representative or customer service on (02) 80880720.

To view the TVCs, see below.

30-second ad:

15-second ad:

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