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D3™ Detectable Needles

Neogen have developed and added a detectable alloy to the cannula of the D3™ Needles. This patented alloy allows D3™ Needles to be as much as 100% detectable in metal detection systems, while maintaining their stainless-steel classification.

D3™ Needles have thick-walled cannulas, which are crimped and pressed into sturdy, plated brass hubs. These stronger sidewalls increase load strength. Bending and breaking is reduced more than 6-fold over some conventional needles, and needle tips stay sharp longer. These superior features make the D3™ Needles last longer than conventional injection needles.

D3™ Needles are ultra-sharp with three-point precision ground tips for sharper cuts and easier penetration. Sharpness increases the possible number of injections per needle and reduces the risk of injection site abscesses. Each D3™ Needle has its comparable gauge size followed by the letter D stamped into the brass hub. This allows users to easily distinguish detectable needles from conventional needles.


Available in a variety of sizes:

D3-20G x 1/2” detectable

D3-18G x 1/2” detectable

D3-18G x 5/8“ detectable

D3-18G x 3/4” detectable

D3-18G x 1” detectable

D3-18G x 1.5” detectable

D3-16G x 5/8” detectable

D3-16G x 3/4” detectable

D3-16G x 1” detectable

D3-16G x 1.5” detectable

D3-14G x 1” detectable

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