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G-RELIN™ Injection

For use in oestrus synchronisation programs in combination with PGF2α. For the treatment of cystic ovaries, prevention of delayed ovulation and improvement of postpartum fertility in cattle.

Product Specifications

Active Constituent


Dosage and Administration

Cattle: Injection to be given into the anterior half of the neck.

Cystic ovaries: 5mL (500μg gonadorelin) by intramuscular injection.

Prevention of delayed ovulation: 2.5mL (250μg gonadorelin) by intramuscular injection.

Improvement of post-partum fertility: 2.5mL (250μg gonadorelin) by intramuscular injection.

Oestrus synchronisation: 1mL (100μg gonadorelin) by intramuscular injection, for example:
Day 0 – 1 mL (100μg gonadorelin)
Day 7 – 2 mL PGF2α
Day 9 – 1 mL (100μg gonadorelin)

Insemination 8-24 hours after 2nd G-RELIN™ Injection.

Withholding Periods

MEAT: Zero (0) days.
MILK: Zero (0) days.

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